With the COVID-19 pandemic still going as the nation enters flu time, public health and fitness specialists are urging Us citizens to get the flu vaccine — with some precautions.

Medical professionals say getting the shot is harmless so extensive as people today comply with protocols to reduce exposure to the coronavirus whilst they are out getting it.

“The safety measures men and women must consider to get their flu shot are the very same safety measures when you operate other important errands,” Dr. Martine Hackett, a public wellness professor at Hofstra College, explained to The Put up.

“When you go out, make absolutely sure you are sporting a mask and make positive you are equipped to social length.”

Right here is what the professionals have to say on questions and considerations about receiving the shot while staying safe and sound from COVID-19.

Could the flu vaccine decreased your immune program and make you a lot more susceptible to COVID-19?

Any fears about the vaccination earning the immune technique weaker and a lot more susceptible to contracting the virus are unfounded, physicians mentioned.

“The immune procedure is being stimulated to make antibodies, so it is a extremely diverse reaction,” reported Dr. Sandra Kesh, an infectious disease specialist at Westmed Professional medical Team.

Health professionals also strain that the vaccine doesn’t give everyone the flu — and that any signs that could pop up just after are the final result of an overactive immune method.

“There is however this fantasy that you will get flu from the flu vaccine, which is complete baloney,” mentioned Dr. Willaim Schaffner, a professor of infectious illnesses at Vanderbilt College Faculty of Drugs.

“A few men and women — about 1 per cent — get a fever. That’s not the flu, that’s the overall body working presently on the vaccine,” he explained.

What occurs if somebody gets a flu shot while contaminated with COVID-19?

There’s no evidence that a person who unknowingly has the virus when they get the flu shot will finish up with a worse COVID-19 scenario, specialists said.

Or else-healthy sufferers suffering from delicate colds frequently however get the shot, Kesh noted.

“We really do not see it becoming a problem. We don’t see people today even getting a even worse chilly,” Kesh explained, while she additional doctors could not administer the shot when a patient’s immune system is way too weak for it to “take” and be productive.

Some feel the flu shot and other vaccinations may possibly even most likely aid ward off the coronavirus.

“If something, there is a theory out that other vaccines may truly present a stimulus of your immune technique and it might be much better off to combat off the virus,” Schaffner said.

Schaffner pointed out the theory has not been tested, but “there are flu vaccine trials to try out to give nonspecific immune enhancement as protection versus the virus.”

Who ought to get vaccinated for the flu for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Everyone earlier mentioned the age of six months ought to get the flu vaccine, which include persons who are older than 65, are pregnant or have fundamental diseases, medical practitioners stated.

Gurus noted that the pictures will be essential in helping protect against healthcare techniques from being overwhelmed with flu individuals whilst also most likely battling a next wave of the virus.

“We all need to get [the flu shot] due to the fact this year we will be dealing with flu and COVID and the two illnesses present clinically in a related fashion and health professionals will be stressed to find out which is which,” Schaffner additional.

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